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Friday, 26 October 2007

Cheaper Office Software

Just bought yourself a new computer or maybe you're thinking of buying one? Many cheap computer packages, even those from well known distributors like Dell, don't include Microsoft Office. If you've just purchased a computer and discovered you don't have Word, Excel, PowerPoint or other essential programs, don't fret. You don't necessarily have to fork over a couple hundred dollars to get yourself up and running again.

Instead, download OpenOffice, an open source, free program similar to Microsoft Office. The programs are created in such a way that Microsoft Office users will already be familiar with the functions and layout. Moreover, documents created in OpenOffice can be saved in Microsoft Office formats to ensure compatibility.

OpenOffice is not identical to Microsoft Office and doesn't have the same range of features, but it shouldn't take long to learn the differences, OpenOffice is constantly being updated by open source programmers and you simply can't beat the price!

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