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Saturday, 28 November 2009

My goodness, another year

Wow, it's amazing how a year passes... with no new posts. Somewhere along the line I drifted off into the abyss and left Frugal Fanny behind, as well as the personal blog I was keeping for family and friends. During that year I moved back to a first-world country with a decent internet connection and have subsequently been hassled by those same friends and family to start writing again. All their requests got me thinking, maybe people were still visiting Frugal Fanny?

And after a quick visit to Google Analytics, I can see that indeed you are. So I'm going to start writing again. I think I'll start with my little adventures into two controversial money saving techniques this past year: "No poo" (washing your hair without shampoo) and the BARF dog diet (feeding my dog raw bones). Both started off reasonably well, then turned sour. I've scrapped BARF but will try "no poo" again starting tomorrow. Full accounts to come :)